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About Us

Paeonia Skin Lab specializes in bringing Asian cosmetics and skincare products to you! Based in Toronto, ON, we want to connect you to the best and most sought-after beauty goodies of Asia.

Whether you are looking to maintain that glowy soft skin every day or want to rejuvenate with the best mask products, Paeonia Skin Lab has what you're looking for! We carry many popular Korean brands such as Innisfree, TonyMoly, Banila and Co, NeoGen and COSRX. We're always on the search for new products and emerging brands for our customers.

We pride ourselves in responsive communication. We aim to answer all inquiries promptly and will do our very best to accommodate various customer requests.

We hope you enjoy the journey to great skin care together! 

"I'm so excited to be introducing you and bringing you the very best of skin products from South Korea. My interest and love for skincare have grown immensely ever since I hit the big three-oh. While on my discovery for the best products for myself, I realized the potential in helping others with their skin as well, I found this extremely rewarding and being able to introduce them to innovative products not available in the Western beauty world. K-beauty has completely stolen my heart, and for all the right reasons!
My goal is to empower you to transform your skin by gathering the best products, information, and innovations that Asia has to offer and putting it right at your fingertips (and on your doorstep). This isn't just about bringing you the best products but bringing a whole new level of confidence to your skin. 
- J xox"