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NEOGEN: Real Fresh Foam, Green Tea

Green Tea improves skin to be more bright and hydrated

  • Using 100% fruit juice from fresh fruits, and cleanses skin without irritation with 99 kinds of naturally derived ingredients & cleansing ingredients.
  • Cleansing rich and creamy, mild bubble foam decreases the direct friction between facial skin and hands and gently cleanses the pores in everywhere.
  • Pore care It reduces the dead skin cells that cover the pores, cleanses pore and makes skin to be soft, smooth condition.
  • It controls the skin's oil-moisture balance by Decreasing the amount of sebum and increases the moisture amount of skin.
  • It is moisturizing and it cleanses without any irritation so it’s safe to use for sensitive skin also. 

How to use:
1.Take an adequate amount by pumping 2 ~ 3 times in wet condition on face and hands
2. Rub bubbles softly on the entire face like a massage.
3. Rinse it with warm water cleanly when make-up is removed enough.

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