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Neogen Canadian clay pore cleanser

NEOGEN: Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser

This blend of carbonated water, kaolin clay and centella asiatica extract instantly eliminates excess sebum, blackheads, makeup and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and inside pores. This innovative clay pore cleanser transforms into a rising foam, leaving skin feeling tingly clean and refreshed.

Effective for oily & combination skin types, because it draws out sebum and other impurities while nourishing the skin with botanical extracts.

  • It contains fine micro-particles of glacial marine soil, colloidal clay from west coast British Columbia, Canada, and carbonic acid ingredients
  • This pore-clearing and pore-caring formula also provides high levels of natural minerals to moisturize and smooth skin for glowing perfection

How to use:
Use the Neogen Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser once or twice a week (can be used in place of your usual cleanser) to cleanse your face thoroughly of any makeup or dirt. It also acts as a gentle exfoliator due to the natural fine micro-particles.

1. Spread about 1~2mm thick layer to dry skin and let dry (5-10mins) until carbonate capsules burst.
2. Apply lukewarm water and rub in a circular motion to transform the dried clay into a foam lather cleanser. Rinse off thoroughly.
(Use with pore brush to maximize cleansing effect.)

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